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December 17, 2003



Finally a blog that seems to say how I feel. I totally agree. While I may not agree with you or many people on specific items, I totally agree here. People seem to attack others for admitting they are of a different party, while following political leaders blindly based primarily on the fact that they share a specific political party.
I myself can't seem to claim onside or the other. I support individual rights, wether they apply to me or not, like democrats and pro-choice or gay marriages. It isn't my choice, but we shouldn't (I believe) tell others my choice will be theirs as well. At the same time, I support going to war in Iraq, otherwise those people in Iraq would never get to make descisions like we can about what they want in the country. They don't have debates or voting or individual liberties. Just death and fear.
People will believe anything sometimes just to prove someone wrong. Then they can justify what misinformation, misleading others, playing with the statistics, and so on. Well I call it an outright lie. If you intentionally spin/skim/ or alter the truth in some way for the purpose of getting people to belive your point of view,(CNN/FOXNEWS/Michael Moore/and pretty much any political party) it is just like telling a lie.
Sorry for the rant, and a bit off subject lecture. But if it continues, our country is going to wind up a big smoking crater where freedom, liberty, and many people's dreams for the future once were.

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