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January 27, 2004



"a serious and mounting threat to our country"


"this threat"
"the safety of our people "
"terrible threats "
"fully and suddenly emerge"
"to kill several million people"
"horror like none we have ever known."
"before they strike"
"war is forced upon us"


the night before we began bombing
sadam blinked, he was like:-ok,ok lets talk-
I believe his exact words were something like:
"I will debate george bush"

at that moment a smart man could have held the
stick and swooped in with the carrot: ideas, organization, security measures, a fraction of the money we have now spent($10b in actual hearts n minds stuff)

withhold the stick and lead towards a solution.
reagan/gorbechev style.
wise men know that kindness is powerful
and is only dismissed offhandedly
out of weakness, confusion and fear;
Our country possesses power, wisdom, and
kind composure.

Lets use 'em ALL.

strength, wisdom and composed disipline.

Porter Good

Just have to say that that is the best writing on the whole "Bush Lied" insanity that I have read, without being patronizing. No one else has put it so well. Thanks.

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