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February 27, 2004



I've become a big fan of Hugh Hewitt whom I listen to every afternoon over the internet. He was a state champion debater in Ohio in high school, and it shows. He has a lot of fun, even in vigorous angry-sounding debates with his regular guests. I think that's why I like his show, because even when they're going at it hammer-and-tong, they remain friendly at the end.

I'm a lawyer. I spent 13 years as a public defender in a small rural county, and the prosecutor was my best friend. We could argue in court without it becoming personal. I remember the distaste I felt at criminal defense seminars for the attitude that prosecutors and cops were literally our enemies, just as I felt bewildered when I sensed personal animosity from cops.

Your discussion here really is pretty new. I don't recall a time before 2000 when I felt that I was unwilling to talk politics with my inlaws. The bitterness started during the Clinton scandal and the impeachment. I felt that if a Republican had behaved the way Clinton did with Monica in the Oval Office, I'd have wanted him removed from office, but the liberals I knew seemed to react to it as an outrageously unfair thing and the real scandal was Ken Starr. They hadn't seemed so upset by special prosecutors overdoing it when it was the Reagan administration being investigated.

Then, Bush won. Not only that, he won extremely narrowly in Florida and he persuaded the Supreme Court to put a stop to the endless recounting of ballots. Two years later, the Democrats lost control of the Senate, and so were now the minority party in government.

Republicans had been there before and so were surprised at the vitriolic response from liberals without power. They couldn't see it as just "the way it goes." It had to be conspiratorial and vastly criminal to deprive them of their natural right to rule.
And worst of all, the man who had done this to them was an ignorant cowboy who can't pronounce "nuclear" correctly.

I don't want to talk to any of my liberal relatives about politics anymore. They can't be rational about it. They start out yelling and end making charges of the kind I only hear from people on the right who think Ronald Reagan was too liberal.

I have concluded that this election will not be won by reason. If it could, the Democrats wouldn't be nominating John Kerry. He's as inconsistent as Bill Clinton, but without the smooth delivery. He's another George McGovern. These people need a slap to bring them to their senses, which can only be administered by a sound defeat.

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