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February 20, 2004


Meg Eason

When it comes to the war on terror, John Kerry's strategy is to attempt to undo some of the terrible damage done under the bush presidency.

By going into war with Iraq without the suport of the UN we were left with all of the financial burden and the entire responsibility for providing troops. Thanks to this we have stretched our military to the very limits, pulling in reservists and National guardsmen (who should be used for HOME LAND SECURITY) to fight in the conflict.

At this point and time there are not enough military personel within our own country to successfuly handle even ONE disaster, be it natural such as hurricane, or a terrorist attack. HOW ARE WE SAFER?

Meanwhile, by attacking Iraq under what many believe to be false pretenses, without the backing of the UN and without a plan for how to deal with the situation Bush has done more to RECRUIT terrorist than anything Bin Laden could have done. HOW ARE WE SAFER?

John Kerry will attempt to re-establish respect of america with the UN in hopes of gaining military and financial support in Iraq, allowing us to save some of our resources.

While he can not erase the death and destruction inflicted on inocent Iraqis during the conflict, he can try, with help of the UN, and with a PLANNED effort, to improve the nation of Iraq so that ther will be less for them to hate us for.

That is just SOME of what he will do to help in our war on terror.

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