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February 17, 2004


Lisa Robinson

I would like to know is (a possible) ruler for the U.S. a known Christian????

Lisa Robinson

I would like to know is (a possible) ruler for the U.S. a known Christian????

Lisa Robinson

I would like to know is (a possible) ruler for the U.S. a known Christian????

Lisa Robinson

I would like to know is (a possible) ruler for the U.S. a known Christian????

Laer Pearce

Tides Foundation also funds many of the most hysterical ecologist radical groups: terrorist groups that burn down homes and businesses that offend their worldview, eco-isolationist groups that want no human interface with nature and advocate depopulating vast parts of America so it can return to the wild.

Question: Who do you think will be the better regulator, Bush or Kerry? Second question: Who will certainly be the better over-regulator?


In Response to the spammer who asked if Kerry was Christian. In so many words, I would say no.

the Leftist Paulist Center Kerry calls his "church" features a number of adherents of the liberation philosophy, which played a pivotal role in the Marxist uprisings in El Salvador and Nicaragua back in the late 1970s and 1980s.
A number of far-left Jesuits are regular speakers at the Center, which lately has featured classes on "Tapas Acupuncture" techniques and a series of lectures of how best to remove the Church hierarchy in order to evolve the Catholic Church into a nontraditional democracy.

Meg Eason

Honestly, you lost a lot of points with me in particular when you started quoting the frontpage magazine. I hadnt heard of it, so I went, and it took about thirty seconds to see it for what it is- a clearly right skewed and totally partisan propoganda page, guarenteed to only present one side of the facts. I respected your ideas far more when you tried to back them up with credible news and information sources like the BLS and CNN. When I refute your facts and rebut them I keep it to credible sources. If you want to play like a grown up- do the same.

Best wishes,

Big mama T

You little people are such fools. That is why you refuse to bow when I speak. You will get yours, you idiots. John & I know what is best for you peasants even though you do not. We long so for the good days, the European days of elegance when royalty was respected. Ants!!! Insects!!! Middle class riff-raff. You make fun of us because we do not pay taxes on my $3.2 billion in assets. You make fun of us because we pay the bare minimum of 0.983% in taxes on my $80M/yr income while I support a 30% tax on any family earning over $100,000. You ignorant scum. I suport the outsourcing of all the Heinz manufacturing plants and their thousands of jobs so that my income will grow even more while my husband tells you about all the bad outsourcing plotted by evil US corporations. Worship me and my waned beauty or I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!

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