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March 30, 2004



The "vast audience" they are attempting to capture consists of 6, VI, that's six whole stations. They are as delusional as the rest of the Democratic Party.


All my liberal friends are certain that talk radio survives because the left is too "intellectual" to stoop to talk radio.

Ya. You betcha.

We'll see what happens when the erudite Al Franken takes on mean, selfish, racist, etc. Rush.

Ryan K

As if the liberal point of view is being unheard! Franken must think that ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are all politically mainstream. This makes me wonder just how far left this network will push it.

La Shawn Barber

They certainly won't buy it, but that's what government subsidies are for!

Jim G.

Anybody want to lay odds on the fact that "public funds" will find their way into the hands of this network in the near future?

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