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March 25, 2004



I honestly though this was a very good attempt at satire. Til I had a look myself. That's a hell of a plan, and your right the taxes on the "Bush rich" must be ENORMUS. Or "Little Johnny" palns on dipping into the "Ketchup Queens" cookie jar.

BTW I hadn't noticed your link to me, I noticed it in my referal log today. I'll add you to my roll. And also I am going to copy your post at my home, with attribution of course.


This post is cute, until you actually look at the website. There you'll see that while he mentions the tax cuts a lot, he also gives plans for each of the different topics you mentioned. He mentions the tax cuts because the Bush team has been claiming in ads and speeches that Kerry has said he will raise taxes, where what he has actually said is that he will get rid of the tax cut that benefits the rich. By lying about what Kerry has actually said, Bush has forced Kerry to repeat early and often that he's said nothing about raising taxes, but instead has promised to roll back tax cuts for the wealthy.
Disingenuous posts like this one only reinforce the Bush campaign of misinformation.


You can read a bit about the tax cuts here:

Jim G.

I've seen a ton of articles that estimate the cost of Kerry's health plan alone being in the vacinity of 1 trillion. If you think that's not coming out of your wallet Strange, I want some of what you're smoking.


Read the above article. It'll help you understand that when tax rates for the "rich" reach a certain point, the "rich" hide thier money. YOU and ME end up paying the bills.



Explain for me what you think is the difference between "rolling back" a tax cut and increasing taxes. I know that there is not a difference.

La Shawn Barber

It's amazing how people accept the proverbial "tax cuts for the wealthy" line without examining for themselves the evidence against it. The sheeple follow the shepherd (wolf) to slaughter.

American Girl

Sean, there is a difference between rolling back a tax cut and increasing taxes. Much of it is fiscal strategy. Bush issued a tax break that has caused our country to accumulate trillions of dollars of debt. Remember, when Clinton left office we had a surplus of money. Therefore, it is accurate to say that Bush is wildly liberal with our nation's ability to accumulate debt - sort of like running up the totals on as many credit cards as possible.

Kerry, on the other hand, is fiscally conservative. He believes it is imperative that we balance our country's budget, just as we each have to do in our own lives. Because of the enormous size of Bush's tax cuts - recklessness, really - Kerry must roll back much of the tax cut to pre-Bush standards.

Peace - American Girl


American Girl,

We did indeed have a surplus. It was due to the dot com bubble, not fiscal conservatism on the part of Democrats. We had also been sliding into the Clinton recession for a year before President Bush took office. Spending killed the surplus, not a George Bush's small tax cut. The targeted tax cut pulled us out of the recession in record time (business investment is up by 7%, 2.8%, and 6.9% in the last three quarters of 2003).

Spending created the deficit, not the tax cut. Contrary to the Democratic standard practice of using baseline accounting (which would get anyone else jail time – really – jail time) I do not pretend that a tax cut is "spending." Here is what I say:

Tax cut = I pay less tax.
Roll Back tax cut = I pay more tax.
Tax increase = I pay more tax.

See how the last two are so similar? That is because they are exactly the same.

One more point, though I think you must be being facetious about Mr. Kerry being fiscally conservative. Mr. Bush spends more than I would like him to, but so does every politician I have ever heard of. However, Mr. Kerry makes him look like a boy scout when it comes to spending. Listen to what Kerry says. He says that the largest increase in federal funding for education the history of the United States (60% for “No Child Left Behind”) is far too small. He says that we must spend far more on homeland security. He says that the GIGANTIC new Medicare entitlement is not nearly enough. His new spending proposals have been estimated to be nearly a trillion dollars ($900 billion) more than Bush’s already heady spending. Kerry is NOT conservative in any way. Not politically. Not socially. Not morally. Not fiscally.

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