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April 09, 2004


Peg K


At least you are not holding your breath!


Recall this little gem?

Hillary on Ghandi!

Or, Hillary Clinton 'truly regrets' Gandhi joke.

She did apologize, but it seems in general she was given a pass.

In addition, if you look back the Lott affair, it was his own party who really pushed for his demotion, not (D)s.


I don't think it was racist. It was making fun of Bush's inability to read and his fondness for nicknames.



I think you are probably right that Trudeau was not intentionally racist. I would not have given the comment a second thought even though fighting racism is one of the issues that I care most about. He was trying to be funny by making fun of the president. I do not believe for a second, though, that the exact same "funny" from a Republican, or other conservative, would not have stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy.

In any case there are the other three cases that are racist. What do you think of those? Will you stand up and denounce them?


I didn't think so.

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