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April 27, 2004



Over the last year I have been trying to determine what Kerry's core principles are in order to better understand what he would do in an emergency. The best I can come up with is that the main concern, and primary motivating factor, in Kerry personality is a desire for personal aggrandizement. This is not revolutionary, but I think that everything Kerry does and says is easily understood through this filter.
With that in mind, the only way Kerry leaves the race is if he thinks that he will be more powerful and popular not being the nominee than he would be as the nominee. Of course, Kerry might not have much say in the matter.



If your comment is not SPAM (I have disabled your link), then I don't see any connection between your question and this post.

Could you clarify for me?


Are there any primaries left? Has Kerry clinched?
Wellstone was dead, Torricelli was possibly going to jail, but Kerry hasn't done anything that bad yet. As a Republican, I want Kerry to be the Democratic candidate, leading the party to McGovern-like disasterous defeat in November.



I think it is a possibility. I would not put anything past the Dems. While I am sure the RNC knews the possibility of The Old Switcheroo I wonder if they have thought of the attempt during the convention. Maybe you should email them your date theory. OK, I'll take my tin foil hat off now. I was a Girl Scout (before the FemiNazis took over) and we to learned, Be Prepared!


Never happen the DNC and its candidate are to pompous and arrogant to admit any mistakes and they a riding a losing horse[s ass]in the race.

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