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May 06, 2004


The Sicilian

Kerry can't figure out who or what he is most of the time. I'm guessing it's due to the large amounts of acid he consumed while at Woodstock.


I don't see the hypocrisy. People in charge during the Vietnam war should be held accountable for the actions of soldiers on the ground, as people in charge in Iraq should be held accountable for the actions of soldiers on the ground.



The hypocrisy comes into the picture when you realize that John Kerry has admitted to personally contravening the Geneva Convention and committing atrocities during war. Did he demand that he be punished? Did he call for his resignation? No, he did the same thing then that he is doing now; blame the United States and its military (in its entirety, not just a few bad apples, of which he has admitted being one) so that he doesn’t feel like the evil things that he did were his fault.


He has tried to disown the words of his youth and ask us to dismiss them as the words of an angry young man. How can we when he is doing exactly the same thing to our country and to the young men and women in the military now? Today.


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