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May 27, 2004



The saddest thing is the AP broke the story before the Campaign could decide what would be the best course of action. Instead of settling the issue in the first few hours they allowed the media storm to brew for almost a week.

Jesus in a handcart, it took 48 hours after Kerry's own hometown papers blasted them to make a decision.


"it still amazes me that the Democrats can be so blatant in their public speculation on methods to undermine the very campaign finance laws that they claim are necessary to prevent corruption."

When the opposition flaunts those same laws by pushing the dates of their own convention, it is not suprising to see Kerry use that fact as leverage to point out how the laws of campaign finance reform are being subverted.

"If this were a Republican candidate speculating on the same questionable tactics the media would be in hysterics."

Tsk tsk. DeLay has been doing FAR worse for FAR longer. And very little is written to denounce his tactics.

"Oh, and another thing, have you noticed how it's always "his campaign announced" or "in an e-mailed statement" lately? They're keeping Kerry as far away from reporters as possible. He's his own worst enemy."

That's a totally unrelated attack statement with no basis in reality. It's rather obvious that Bush does not go before reporters almost ever - as he clearly is unable to perform on the spot. Of the two, it is Bush who is his own worst enemy.



You aren’t making any sense on this topic either.

1. The Democrats chose their own convention date ON PURPOSE for their own political purposes. The Republicans did not choose it for them. Early in the campaign Dems assumed that their candidate would quickly run out of money and they wanted to take advantage of the federal money before Bush got to.

From the Wall Street Journal
Of course, the late July date was the Democratic Party's own choice--and it was selected precisely so it would let the nominee accept matching federal campaign funds a month earlier than President Bush, who will be nominated in late August. The assumption had been that the Democratic candidate would have run out of cash by this summer, but Mr. Kerry has been raising more money than he expected. In other words, Mr. Kerry embraced the rules when they helped him but now wants to ignore them when they don't.

2. Name something that Tom DeLay has done to circumvent the new campaign finance “reform” laws, which the Democrats pushed through, and are now trying to loophole to death. Name something.

Oh, and another thing: that’s why I said, “Oh, and another thing.”

Read this (http://www.everythingiknowiswrong.com/kerryisms/index.html) and tell me about how good Kerry is at “performing on the spot.”


"You aren’t making any sense on this topic either."

Of course not. I'm contradicting you and pointing out facts that weaken your opinion. You're not supposed to understand them.

There you go trusting that "liberal" media again. The best part of that lame story is how the people that tell it always find "true" information in a newspaper - and it seems to always be information that furthers their cause. But the minute they find something that contradicts them, it's bias. Ha!

The Dems chose their date before the Republican's chose their's. So to claim their motive was to hold their convention 1 month before the Repub's is false. In fact, the original dates of the Dem convention were about a week or so earlier - and they were moved forward, long before they realized they were receiving a lot of donations. In fact, it could quite easily be valid that the Rep. chose their date to specifically take advantage of receiving donations longer than the Dems.

2. DeLay doesn't need to have done something which violates a specific set of laws to have done something which flies totally and completely in the face of all laws. He created a charity organization and event, where the bulk of the money contributed went to the Republican politicians who "sponsored" the event. "Celebrations For Children".

Oh, and another thing: Repeating ad infinitum that we will "stay the course" is not the same thing as "not faltering", unless by "not faltering" you mean obstinance in the face of failure after failure after failure.

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