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May 10, 2004



Of course that 29% of Americans will all be voting for John Kerry, who has openly admitted that he personally committed war crimes himself.


I have just heard Sen Imhoff give an excellant statement during the Taguba hearing. He took his time to slam all the partisans using this incident for political gain. He mentioned how Kerry hs placed a petition asking for Rumsfeld resignation and asking for donations. If you missed it track down the transcript


Kenney and Byrd are the Designated Democrat attack dogs. This is a planned strategy. Kennedy and Byrd are very old
Senators, Kennedy is Senator for life and Byrd is retiring. Their job is to make the most damaging attacks against Bush, regardless of personal backlash. They are, you might say, the Democrats suicide bombers.

George Will

I want to know who originally leaked the prisoner photos. I personnally feel it was a set up from the get go. Find out who that is and we will learn a lot about this situation.

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