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June 01, 2004




I have deleted a number of your posts. I have banned several of the ip addresses that you have used with various false names. I have asked you to go away. I have even said, “Please.” If you had the common courtesy to use a valid e-mail address I would be saying this in private, but you have not. You persist in posting and re-posting messages I have deleted because I don’t want you here.

Your behavior is becoming stalker-like. You are making me nervous on a whole new level. You are making me think about the safety of my family and myself. This may, or may not, be your intention but you have made me consider the possibility.

I am asking you, as one person to another, don’t come back here. I hope you will respect my wishes.




This request has nothing to do with the "Atrocity" post or your comments on it. I want you to go away. I have said it on your last several posts on other subjects. I have deleted your posts. I have banned your IP's.


It has nothing to do with the fact that you disagree with me. It has to do with YOU.


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