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October 11, 2004


Peg K

Great stuff here, Sean.

I only hope that the phrase "Kerryisms" dies an early death, and that the more substantive "Bushisms" remain the mangled phrases of the day! :))

Don Derham

From The Boston Fog Machine in the NYT:

JFK on the Gulf War

"There is not a right or wrong here. There was a correctness in the president's judgment about timing. But that does not mean there was an incorrectness in the judgment other people made about timing."

"Again and again and again in the debate, it was made clear that the vote of the U.S. Senate and the House on the authorization of immediate use of force on Jan. 12 was not a vote as to whether or not force should be used."

JFK on Bosnia

"It is important to remember that this resolution does not authorize the use of American ground troops in Bosnia, nor does it specifically authorize the use of air or naval power. It simply associates the U.S. Senate with the current policies of this administration and of the Security Council."


How about:

"I will stand up and struggle, as others have, to try to get that right balance between violence, and sex, and things."--John Kerry

From: http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/WNT/US/kerry_interview_040722-3.html


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David Brown

It is Bush's believes that scare me. The fact that he never falters in his believes only makes it worse.

P.s. You are missing the word "be" in front of "silver tongued". Also "silver tongued" should be "silver-tongued". DB

Brian Green

Keery has a whole different style from Bush. Rather than "Kerryisms," is would probably more accurate to call these jewels "Kerrybabble."

Brian Green

Kerry has a whole different style from Bush. Rather than "Kerryisms," is would probably more accurate to call these jewels "Kerrybabble."


You know, I really don't like John Kerry, but to claim that Bush "at least, has something to say" is the height of Republican fantasy. Bush, the President who read a kindergarten book and did a photo op while America was under attack, clearly has no idea what's going on. Besides, while your Kerryisms are interesting, none is as funny nor as scary as any one of the Bushisms.

Bush was elected at a time when the world was relaxed, and people thought it didn't really matter who was President, and it was time to have a Republican for a change. Reminds me of a quote: "When it's late in the day, even small men cast long shadows." He never would have even been nominated in a post 9/11 world.

Mark Cornelius

Yeah, there was a lot of talk about it not being for an immediate use of force, but there was not an immediate use force. Negotiations were exhausted b/c the French, the Germans, and the Russians kept trading with Iraq and were getting sweet kickbacks on Oil-For-Food and on arms sales. It was two months later, in March, that we finally went in.


Kerry is a loser

John Hamiliton

"In an economic recession, I'd rather that in order to get out of this recession, that the people be spending their money, not the government trying to figure out how to spend the people's money."—Tampa, Fla., Feb. 16, 2004

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