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September 30, 2008



Great column, esp. about Arianna Huffington. I have liberal [very] relative who brings her up as a source as a conservative who "saw the light." I have posted similar type information about this CRA, Fannie and Freddie on my blog, but liberals don't care about facts or the truth, all they want is to attack Bush and Republicans as the cause.


You started off on the right track calling out Huffington for a paradoxical outtake on
Reagan's statement but lost me from there. You're interpretation of the CRA is misleading at best. Ask any banker and they will confirm that the idea of lenders being forced to give loans in the past several years is laughable.

You're subtle attempt to insinuate that the bailout (poor choice or not) really has any effect on what's going on is also baseless.

You're defense of the Republicans is really just an offense on the Democrats.

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