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October 27, 2008


P Jay

What is your fear? I for one fear a country that is headed for feudalism. A small group of people owning and controlling this country. Everyone else gets to work for these people for 3rd world wages. I fear a country that has people who say they are patriotic but actually are only greedy and will sell out Americans to make more money in other countries. I fear this country will see an increase in lawlessness due to the disparity between the haves and have nots.

I believe the continuation of the tax policies and deregulation of business advocated by the Republicans will bring my fears to reality. The elimination of all inheritance taxes together with the reductions in capital gains is a recipe to establish a hereditary based wealth system in this country. Yes, a few people will make it from low income to the top by winning the lottery, become professional athletes or entertainers and some will even make it with a new business venture. These will be the rare exceptions. I would like to see this country move back to the idea that work not just investment should be rewarded. Because of human nature (greed and laziness) the economics systems of pure communism or pure capitalism both seem inadequate to prevent tyranny either by the government by the communists or by greedy capitalist in the pure capitalist system. I think that we need to move the pendulum back a little bit from the far right from the last 30 years for these reasons. I don't see a graduated income tax system to be Marxist but rather a reasonable solution to allow people to maintain a high degree of personal freedom yet limit the excess of wealth in a small minority of people. Ever since the Reagan Presidency their has been a great shift (redistribution) of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy.

I don't fear that Obama is planning on taxing white middle class Americans to offer reparations or welfare to African Americans. This apparently is what some people want white middle class Americans to fear so they don't vote for him. His tax policies are not based on race and actually will reduce the taxes paid by the majority of Americans. The idea of a country that has more people with a middle class life style is not a fear of mine and if this is spreading the wealth around I am for it. It is time to try trickle up rather then the failed trickle down.

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